UHP350 graphite electrodes in Ladle furnace trial

The quality of the LTCL electrode is guaranteed to meet the actual production needs of my steel melt shop.

  • Specifications: UHP350 T4N
  • Electric furnace status:
  • Transformer capacity: 8000KVA
  • Smelting secondary current: 19000-21000 A
  • Power-on time: 15-19 min
  • Nominal capacity: 40T
  • Steel output: 29T
  • Smelting time: 30 min
  • Smelting variety: 20# etc

Engineering Case in Ladle furnace Steel Plant:

Our company started trial use of LTCL electrode in August 2019. From the trial process and results, the company’s UHP350T4N electrode can meet the needs of our company’s steel mill.

1. Good thermal shock resistance, no cracks and falling off at the working end.

2. The precision of electrode and joint processing is high, the connection quality is guaranteed, and there is no phenomenon of wire take-off and tripping in production.

3. The electrode has good electrical conductivity and can pass a large current.

4. There is no abnormality such as redness at the junction of the two-phase electrode and the phase-precision electrode.

5. Electrode per ton of steel consumption 0.715kg/t.