UHP450 electrodes for Ladle furnace

  • Specification: UHP450T4N
  • Application: LF furnace
  • Transformer capacity: 22000KVA
  • Secondary voltage: 210~350V
  • Secondary rated current: 31000A
  • Secondary inrush current: 40000A
  • Nominal capacity: 120T
  • Steel output: 120-130T
  • Refining time: 20-30min
  • Power-on time: 15~20 min

Electrode index

  • Resistivity: ≤5.8 μΩ*m
  • Flexural strength: ≥12.0 Mpa
  • Bulk density: ≥1.68 g/cm3
  • Electrode weight: 500kg

Electrode usage

Our company’s converter workshop uses LTCL electrode 25.68T from 5.2 to 20, smelting 534 heats, and producing 69420T molten steel. Throughout the operation process and results, LTCL Carbon UHP450T4N can meet the production requirements of two 120t LF furnaces in our workshop. The trial effect is basically satisfactory.

1. Workshop equipment, personnel operation does not affect the use of the electrode.

2. The electrode has good oxidation resistance and the electrode is tightly connected.

3. The electrode has good bending resistance and good thermal shock resistance. There is no screw off and breakage during use, and there is no vertical and horizontal crack at the working end.

4. There is no abnormal redness in the two electrode joints and the phase electrode.

5. The electrode consumption is 0.369kg/t