UHP550 electrodes in EAF practice

UHP550 Electrodes

  • Application: 1oo tons EAF
  • Specification: UHP550T4L
  • Equipment situation:
  • Nominal capacity: 1oot
  • Transformer capacity: 65000KVA
  • Electricity consumption per ton of steel: 120-150 kw.h
  • Secondary voltage: 400V
  • Steel output: 100T
  • Secondary rated current: 48000A
  • Smelting time: 40-50min

EAF Application

  • Molten steel production: 22,813.472 tons
  • Electrode dosage: 14208 kg
  • Electricity consumption per ton of steel: 140kw.h
  • Unit consumption: 0.623

During the trial period, the side of the electrode body was normally oxidized, the body end didn’t not crack and fall off.

The operator connected the electrode according to the operating procedures, the equipment is operating normally, and there is no influence on the electrode use.

The UHP550T4L electrode can meet the smelting requirements of my steel mill.