Small sizes electrodes UHP400mm price

Steel mills’ pre-holiday purchases push small-size graphite electrodes up Market analysis and forecast of key carbon material products this week: 1. Needle Coke The needle coke market is stable this week, and downstream cargo delivery is still cautious; Orders in the first quarter of next year were weaker than expected. Some companies lower their expectations for next year. 2. petroleum coke During the week, the petroleum coke market continued to run weakly, and the market price was temporarily stable. Downstream market continues to drag down, oil coke market is slightly pessimistic. 3. Coal tar pitch Downstream market continues to decline, coal asphalt market sales are blocked; In the short term,…


Causes of electrode break consumption

Electrode breakage is an abnormal situation that occurs in the operation of LF furnaces, and can be divided into high-position break and low-position break. High-part fracture usually occurs when the electrode is subjected to external force at the highest connection of the electrode column, that is, at the electrode joint under the electrode holder. Low-part fractures occur at the lower end of the electrode and are concentrated near the joints at the lower end of the electrode. Due to the rapid local oxidation, the diameter of the electrode becomes narrower and it will break when exposed to external forces.


Causes of electrode side consumption

Consumption on the electrode side means that the electrode surface is consumed by oxidation. When the electrode temperature exceeds 400 ℃, oxygen will infiltrate into the graphite surface to occur an oxidation reaction, but the electrode is oxidized at a slower rate; when the electrode temperature exceeds 600 ℃, the oxidation rate starts to accelerate. The oxidation speed on the side of the electrode mainly depends on the electrode surface temperature, the oxygen partial pressure on the electrode surface, and the air velocity. Anti-oxidation coating can be applied to reduce electrode side consumption. Let’s have a look at the report of anti-oxidation application test as shown in below figures. Before…


Causes of electrode tip Consumption

Causes of electrode tip Consumption The electrode end consumption is mainly composed of 4 parts: evaporation, thermal exfoliation, dissolution and chemical reaction. Graphite sublimation occurs when the temperature reaches 3650 ℃, and during the arc heating process, the internal temperature of the arc column will far exceed 3650 ℃. During the use of the electrode, thermal stress is generated due to the temperature difference between various parts, which will cause thermal spalling. When the arc current density increases, thermal spalling will be exacerbated. Improper control of the bottom-blow gas supply of ladle at different refining stages or poor electrode lifting adjustment ability will cause the molten steel to contact the…


The configuration of graphite electrodes for steel-making electric arc furnaces

The configuration of graphite electrodes for steel-making electric arc furnaces must follow the basic principles of “ordinary power graphite furnaces with ordinary power graphite electrodes, high power electric furnaces with high power graphite electrodes, and ultra high power electric furnaces with ultra high power graphite electrodes”. 1.Configuration scheme of AC steelmaking electric arc furnace For AC steelmaking electric arc furnaces, 10 ~ 30t electric furnaces are equipped with 300 ~ 400mm graphite electrodes, 30 ~ 50t electric furnaces are equipped with 450mm graphite electrodes, 60 ~ 80t electric furnaces are equipped with 500mm graphite electrodes, and 100 ~ 170t electric furnaces are equipped with 550 ~ 600mm graphite electrode, 200t…


What is graphite electrodes?

What is graphite electrodes? Graphite electrodesare mainly used in electric steelmaking, due to their high levels of electrical conductivity and ability to withstand high temperatures. Electricsteelmaking uses electric arc furnaces to create steel by melting down other recycled steel products. Graphite electrodes are the main heating elementduring this process. After this process is complete, the molten steel ispoured into ladles and casted into new steel products. Needle coke isneedle-shaped carbon material characterized by low electrical resistance andstrong shock resistance, and is the main input used to create graphiteelectrodes. Needle coke can be derived from petroleum or coal, both ofwhich can be used to produce the graphite electrodes needed for electricsteelmaking…


Raw Material of Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode Raw Material The main raw material of producing graphite electrodes are solid petroleum coke, needle coke, binder pitch and impregnation pitch. Petroleum coke Petroleum coke is a residue produced by petroleum processing, and the flammable solid product obtained after coking of petroleum asphalt. According to the heat treatment temperature, it can be divided into raw coke and calcined coke. Normally petroleum coke shall be calcined in manufacturer plant. Needle coke Needle coke is a high-quality raw material for producing high power and ultra-high power electrodes. With a silver-gray appearance, and obvious needle-like texture, and the fiber structurer can be observed under the microscope. The needle coke is easily…