Our company equipped 35MN extrusion molding machine, horizontal modulation vibration molding machine, microelectronic computer batching system, downstream tank calcining furnace, electric insulation internal heat tandem graphitization furnace (LWG), constant power Acheson Graphitization Furnace (AWG), energy-saving gas ring roaster, high pressure impregnation system, precision CNC machining line for graphite electrodes and nipples and advanced quality inspection instrument. Sophisticated equipment advantages provide an effective guarantee for the production and processing of high quality carbon products.

  • Advanced computer batching system

Using the most advanced microelectronic batching system for the production of high-quality electrode products increase the effective protection. To ensure that the internal structure of the electrode homogeneity and stability are guaranteed.

  • 3500 tons extrusion molding machine, With vacuum, synchronous cutting advanced process

Using 35MN extrusion molding machine production of electrode compared with other similar products,Indicators are better than the national standard, especially vacuum, synchronous technology make sure high bulk density and high bending strength. Low consumption, more energy efficient.

  • Automatic temperature roasting system

To improve the first step quality of processing, we changed the traditional gas heating for natural gas heating, and in cooperation with CIMA Technology Co., Ltd. introduced automatic optimization of robust multivariable predictive control system, so that the internal structure of carbon products become more homogeneous and high finished rate.

  • 2000KVA  within string graphite furnace

The earliest using Graphite heat series furnace, earlier in 2000 has overcome the high-power, ultra-high-power graphite electrodes inside the string of successful experiments and become a model of domestic counterparts, learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries, technological innovation, expansion of large-scale heat 20000KVA concatenation graphitization furnace equipment, further high quality, homogenized product quality.

  • Precision CNC machining lines

In year 2003 introduction of precision CNC machining line machine From Jiangsu Taixing Chenguang High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. for creating high-precision electrode with excellent conditions, completely overcome the electrode during use of risks, to ensure the safety of users, ease of normal use produce.